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WALLACE : verb (to WALLACE, Wallaced, Wallacing)

ON THE RIVER Wallace takes three forms:

1) Upwards Wallace - where the boat is flipped and dumps the entire crew (rafting)

2) Downward Wallace - where the swimmer(s) take an especially nasty deep swim (rafting)

3) Baby Wallace - A dirtbag lost his or her seat, paddle, or maybe a custy or two (rafting)

kayakers and C-1ers are Wallaced when they get worked in a hole, run over by a rubber pusher, get an epic beat down, and of course anytime they swim.

Dirtbags are well known by their frequent slapping of beers and other precious articles (such as paperwork) from each other's hands. They take the same form as on the river, Downward: off the feet. Upward: off the face. The Baby Wallace is a slight bump of the arm that results in slight spillage, kind of like a warning shot... "Hey Dirtbag, pay attention!" with the added caveat that one must properly declare the Wallace by yelling "Wallace" during the act. (IF YOU DON'T DECLARE WALLACE WHILE BEGINNING THE ACT, YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE AND SUBJECT TO A PUNCH IN THE NOSE!)
And no crying or getting angry watching your Wallaced drink soak into the earth! Grab it and pound it out!!!
NOTE: highly frowned upon to WALLACE a full beverage. Large stack of paperwork... BONUS POINTS

WALLACE may also be used in lieu of the word BURN!, in it's declarative form.
Hey - Watch that kook get Wallaced in that hole!
by FartyTheShark January 13, 2015
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Wallace is a uncommon last name. It is normally Scottish and English. Wallace's tend to be mysterious and very dark. They have a good since of humor and love to write. There likes are Writing, Reading, Music, and crafts.
My last name is Wallace.
by WritingGirl2000 December 15, 2016
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A badass who get all the hoes and a great friend to all gangsters if you know a Wallace then you have a good life.
My man Wallace gets all the hoes
by Daddy05499 February 14, 2018
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Ahhh fuck ive just spilt my drink all over! Done a pure Wallace!
by TheRealUnknownMan February 19, 2017
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1. The act of having sex outside, much like William Wallace enjoyed doing
1. I just Wallaced some broad in the parking lot
2. Sorry I am late, I was busy Wallacing your mom
3. Hello Miss, would you like to go outside and Wallace?
by Timbo Slice 504 September 09, 2011
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1. n - the most awesome place in the world. aka center of the universe.

wallace road, not to be confused with wallace street.

2. v- the act of doing the most awesome thing in the world, be it on wallace, queen ann, or any other acceptable location
lets go to wallace

lets go wallace
by Marc Mike November 22, 2009
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Hitting someone when they are acting out of line. Someone receiving a Wallace is being Wallaced and the one Wallacing is the Wallacer.
Man i am going to Wallace you
by rex griffin December 09, 2010
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