A facebook wall-stalker. Someone who comments on everything you post on your wall.
Katie: Ugh this guy is such a walker, he comments on all my stuff!
by joeiscoffee December 31, 2009
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Walker is a guy that is super good looking and hella nice. Hes very athletic, and even though he might not be the best at basketball, he always tries his best. He has a great family and cute pets. He is super hot and needs to get the courage to ask out the girl he likes.
Omg is that Walker?
You mean that sexy god over there?
by ive made a mistake May 10, 2017
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A person with a rather small penis that does not exceed 3". They suffer from a semi functioning sphincter and often defecate in swimming pools, partly for fun and partly because they can't help it. In Khazachstan, and other parts of Eastern Europe, Walkers are hung at the age of 16 and have their sphincters removed, and made into rings.
"Ewww,I went swimming and some f**king Walker laid one on the diving board!"
by Mr.Cools December 22, 2008
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Zombie-like person, without a soul, who lacks any qualification for their job, and who appoints similar cronies for jobs at which they have zero quaification.
That A-hole Walker is sucking the life out of this state.
by Richinbunlygoodness October 09, 2012
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A Walker is a guy with a huge weiner who likes to show it off to everyone. Either is a hillbilly or redneck.
Have you seen that guys weiner? Must of been a Walker.
by Recdli October 13, 2011
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