That amazing, cute, funny, smart guy you are head over heels for who thinks you're just friends and you want to tell him you like him but you don't want to ruin your friendship.
I just wish he wasn't such a Walker. I wish we could be more than friends.
by Calicocat27 November 16, 2017
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They tend to be nice. They really cute. They usually tall and have brunette hair with green eyes. They usually quite and don't talk. But they are very weird at the same time.
Hey Walker!
by mikeryan3459 November 15, 2020
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(v) to Get Ran Over or to Run over by or using a vehicle, usually an ambulance, with Enough Force to get instantly Cremated or to Instantly Cremate Someone.
Woah, did you hear that Stanley got Walkered by an Ambulance on his way out from the Hospital?
by handyman-677 January 17, 2021
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You are not a milf, you are barley 20 years old, you're a slut with a baby, who clearly has no class by letting losers dump one off in you.
She is a walker
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a covert way used by some caucasions to define blacks or africans becuase they tend to always be walking in random places, along roads, in the bush in Africa, etc.
There seem to be a lot of walkers in this neighborhood.
by John Q Customer May 22, 2008
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Walker is a big ass hoe that thinks he is so cool at every thing
My x girls friend is a walker
by Jimmy 57884 March 1, 2017
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