The act of waking up of a morning and partaking of the chronic by means of a bong without leaving the comfort of one's bed. Made possible by possession of a serving wench/lad to present baking instuments and narcotics on a silver tray or, failing this convenience, the forethought to leave apparatus within reach of the squalid heap where one collapsed in a munted stupor the previous evening.
"Martibald, I believe I shall Wake-and-Bake this good morning"
"Exemplary idea, Frederico. By the by, why are we in bed together?"
by Faulkling July 31, 2006
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Wake and bake is when you wake up after sleeping and immediately smoke marijuana. It immediately makes one feel an incredible high. Also know as......
"Whats a wake and bake?" said the freshman to the senior......." That's when I arise with red eyes...turn n burn, pillow and billow, roust and roast, resin toast, raise n toast, oj and roll a j, puffin muffin, pancake n bake, BIG BOWL A RAISIN BRAIN BIG BOWL O RESIN MAAAN!, BISQUICK AND QUICK HIT THIS SHIT, scope n dope, listerine and mr green, mach 3 turbo and pack thee herbo, armor n hammer baking soda and peroxide whitening toothpaste and SMOKE SOME WEED! Arise my sticky green villagers. Big meeting at the firepit, be brave my villagers! Some wont make it back...for today nugs will die, but for we as a village, the hour of weed is up on us, for today we PACK THE CHRON AT THE CRACK OF DAWN!"
by GhOsT DoGg 79 March 24, 2010
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The act of smoking pot early in the morning, usually right after waking-up.
- "Seriously, you're getting high at 9:23 on a Wednesday morning?"
- "It's wake and bake, and I helped."
by RGB May 1, 2006
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By far the best thing to do, as frequently as possible.

Gives you a more positive perspective on your day.
Life is stressful, marijuana relieves stress like nothing else in the world. That is why I wake and bake. Morning rush traffic jams become 'good opportunities to listen to more Billy Joel'... Legalize it.
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The best technique and true defintion is waking up and (in bed) immediately smoking the 'pre-packed' bong that is sitting 'ready to smoke' on your bedside table.
Can be used to describe any situation where someone smokes weed upto 1 hour after waking up.
"I becomin' a bit chronic at the moment, like 'wake and bake' everyday and shit, 'nahmeanyaheardit!"
by Diego August 29, 2003
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A stoner's lone motivation to forego snoozing for ten more minutes. Also known as "morning glory" and "the buffer between my fist and my boss's face."
"I'm ready for bed. Leave the bong ready so we can wake and bake before work."
by The Prototype April 28, 2007
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