1. A setting example; so good or admirable that others would do well to copy it.

2. Serving as example; f.e. something designed to serve as a warning to others.

3. An illustration or example of something.


1. The kid's exemplary conduct.
2. As an exemplary punishment, the thief's hand was cut off while a large crowd was watching.
3. A picture of a tree is an exemplary tree.
by Jafje June 27, 2007
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Worthy of imitation; commendable.
Stemmed from the word 'example'.

If you're exemplary then people bask in your greatness. You're a God in other people's eyes. Everyone wants to be like you or close to you. You're loved by all; hated by none.
Boy 1: "Woah, nice shot!"
Boy 2: "Thanks."
Boy 1: "That's some exemplary skills you got there. Can I be your friend?"
Boy 2: *-.-*
by T.D.A.R. July 8, 2009
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The male protagonist of any action or science fiction movie, who is mysteriously competent at everything, seems not to feel pain, and Saves The Lives Of Everyone Ever.
"Wow, I really thought the world was going to end that time."

"Really? I wasn't even worried. I knew Exemplary Man could save us despite the apparently insurmountable odds."
by Kaoine September 24, 2009
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