A sports "fan" that jumps on the bandwagon and starts liking a team just because they have started winning.
Fan #1: That guy has never liked that team until they started winning and won the Superbowl.

Fan #2: Yeah, he's quite the wagoneer.
by msurussell May 14, 2012
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i dunno im from the good part of the world so I don't know what any of this roadman puffer jacket whats your bbm ting dialect.
"wagone how is one doing today"
by ga,er January 17, 2018
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The most feared, and respected vehicle known to man. Legend has it, the wagon is the only 4x4 to travel to the mythical West Sawgrass rd, and live to tell the tale.
by Greatest of the danes June 20, 2018
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One who enjoys humping wagons, it can be split into to multiple categories, such as, Old wagonism (when one enjoys the humping of wagons from the 1700's and before), Mid wagonism (when one enjoys humping wagons from 1700-1850), and New wagonism (when someone enjoys humping wagons from 1850-3000)
1. *about 20 guys wearing wagon humping Jorts™ are gathered around a wagon humping it*

Bob:" Oh god yeah this wagon is hotttt"
Henry: "Dude this ones a beeeeeute. It's got shag carpet in it!"
Kevin: "shag is like, super rare"
Tony: "dude wagonism is life."

2: Gary, wagonism expert: "hello and welcome to the 204th annual wagonism games! Today we will be playing back and forth. New wagonists on the left side of the wagon, old on the left, and mid split in between!"
*hundreds of men go on both sides of the wagon*
Gary, wagonism expert: "GO!"
*the hundreds of men in their special golden wagon humping Jorts™ Start using their groins to push the wagon back and forth, the right side guys are a little tubbier and push the wagon into the new wagonists goal*
All wagonists: "WAGONISM WAGONISM MAKES US HARD, WAGONISM WAGONISM TO THAT WE CHARGE- 40 bucks a person to enter each wagonism-con."
by BoycottTheSocks&Sandals August 18, 2018
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a penis without circumcision. also known as a covered wagon.
did you here about josh, he's got a wagon.
by nooger December 18, 2004
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Inspired by the Wagon Wheel adverts (ooh! you would), 'wagon' means an attractive member of the opposite sex. Often coupled with jokes like, 'I'd leap aboard that wagon and just ride it till the next town'. Cf 'bandwagon' - a GROUP of wagons.
(looking at fit girl): "wagon".
by senecauk June 5, 2006
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Short for "Bandwagon." The Wagon refers to cheering for a specific sports team, often for sports gambling purposes. Cheering hard for a team can entail, getting more people "on the wagon," steaming the wagon, "throwing coal on the fire," and "pushing the wagon."

Who wants to get on the Steelers wagon with me?

Comon guys! The Dodgers game is tonight. Get on the wagon!
by Milt Deezy May 10, 2007
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