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To ditch an event or school
"Hey Damo,what did you do on Tuesday?"
"I fucken wagged school because i'm a real Aussie cunt"
"Hey maybe you shouldn't wag school"
"HEY SHUT YOUR BLOODY MOUTH BEFORE I MAKE YOU.Wagging is what a true aussie does,unlike you Clancy"
"Wagging is what a dipshit bogan does because he hates school,and i'm a dipshit bogan that hates school"
by Wagging April 04, 2015
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Skipping part or all of a day at school.
Often to go smoke or do drugs.
Usually punished quite heavily by schools e.g 2 after school detentions for every period wagged.
"How'd ya get so many dets?"
"For wagging a whole day!"
by idontwagcozimcool August 11, 2006
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When a man already has an erection before sex.
It's always good when it comes out wagging.
by Jeff Stacey February 23, 2019
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