short for 'details'
dude: 'yo what are the dets for tonight?'
by detsoriented April 27, 2010
Det is usaually also used as that just like dat.
“ Look at grama knowing how to use det phoneeee ”
by Dinasaurrr rawrrr May 30, 2021
Absolute state of retardia and no going back almost like an infection due to an individual being so idiotic and stupid.
Originates from the word/ name Detard
Hey eisa mehmood you are an absolute Det how can you be that retarded
by Hamziniiiiii November 8, 2018
When you reach out to someone and they reject you.
*guy #1 waves to a girl and she doesn't see him.*

guy #2:Bro you just got DETTED!
by brooklyn2011 January 19, 2011
Person 1: Omg I went for a haircut today and now my hair is much shorter than it used to be..I hope it looks nice.
Person 2: Aww det..u're so pretty I'm sure it looks perfect on u.
by Veela January 21, 2008
In the military, det is short for detect or detected. The popularity of this term, as with other military terminology, has been adopted by the video game community.

A second usage, det is also short for and used to refer to a person or item that can detect; detector or detection.
* Intimate radar contact det 20 miles
* Purchase a det because they are building stealth units.
by Chess24 December 20, 2012
1.To get punched up
To Be Punched
For one to have punched you

2.Looks Nice
Girls Looking Fine
Anything that looks nice
Yo, that punk ass just called my girl a junge, he's about to get 'det'.

Bloooood that girls 'det'
by Julian Vassell October 13, 2004