(abbv: wives and girlfriends)

A selection of overpublicised, vacuous anorexics found lurking at football matches, easily distinguised by their orange skin tone and high body plastic index, ostensibly present for the purpose of pleasuring the England football team, but in reality with the intention of being photographed obtaining fashion advice from chief WAG Mrs. Beckham in the hope that this will lead to a future appearance on "celebrity love island".

See also: chavette
According to HELLO!, Sheryl Tweedy is next in line to the WAG throne, having raised herself in the glamour stakes by surving entirely on a diet of watercress and having twelve indonesian child workers beaten to death over the production of her wedding dress.
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An abbrieviation, short for Wild Ass Guess.
The origin of this word is likely military, but that is just a WAG.
by Jason January 28, 2005
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A collective acronym for the Wives and Girlfriends of the England World Cup Squad.
The WAGs went out shopping again today.
by Barcles July 07, 2006
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Wives And Girlfriends of the England Football Squad.

Tend to be associated with spending a lot of money on shopping (usually not their money but their other halfs').
Example of WAGS

Victoria Beckham (wife of David Beckham)
Cheryl Tweedy (wife of Ashley Cole)
Colleen McLoughlin (girlfriend of Wayne Rooney)
Alex Curran (engaged to Steven Gerrard)
by scrambledegg July 23, 2006
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Wives and girlfriends. usually seen in celebrity magazines about footballers parters.
by tamsaine November 21, 2006
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acronym: Wild Ass Guess ; to take a guess at something important that you have no clue what the answer is
man, I was out of it during the test, so I just took a lot of WAGs
by Optimistsbane November 17, 2002
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