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What would Lemmy Do?

Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister (born 24 December 1945 in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England) is a british rock musician. He is best known as the lead vocalist, bassist, principal songwriter and the founding and sole constant member of the rock band Motörhead as well as a former member of Hawkwind. His appearance, including his friendly mutton chops, prominent facial moles, and gravelly voice, has made him a cult icon.
"Should we go to that party?"
"You're right, let's go!"
by Charlie Love May 31, 2013
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Stands for 'What would Leonidas do?' Honestly, whose example would you rather follow, Jesus or Leonidas?
Greek #1: Man... this is so lame...

Greek #2: Whats up man?

Greek #1: Theres this Persian emissary and he's like threating my people and shit. This is way too stressful for me; I don't know what to do.

Greek #2: Hey, don't worry. Just think, 'WWLD'

Greek #1: Hey, thanks a lot man! :D
by Anono Guy August 10, 2007
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Stands for "What would Larry do?", referring to Larry David, "Seinfeld" creator and star of the HBO series "Curb Your Enthusiasm". It's usually thought of when one is in an awkward situation and not sure of what to do, but Larry would do something ridiculous and get in trouble for it most of the time.
I was in a restaurant with my wife and another couple, and when the bill was about the come the guy from the other couple "conveniently" had to leave to go use the bathroom, leaving me to pay for the dinner. So I thought to myself "WWLD", and when he got back I confronted him about how I know about "the bathroom trick!".

by LincolnM May 27, 2007
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What Would Laqueefa Do?

Meaning: What would a ghetto chick do is this situation?
Wolfy 1: OMG should I drink tonight? What if I hook up with him?!
All Wolfies: WWLD?!
Wolfy 1: Riiiiiigght, Thanks!
by weishann22 June 15, 2010
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