A misgiving shot/s from a gun, causing accidental death.
When some one dies accidentally because of a careless/meaningless shot. Like when some one dies in a war and was killed by their own team member etc. *so he/she was killed by many emissaries*
by sameaseveryoneelse March 12, 2008
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An Emotional Emissary is a slang term for the top in a pegging relationship.
My emotional emissary went too hard and rough last night there is no way I can go on a bike ride with you.
by firmnoodle March 10, 2022
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Epic story mode in the super smash bros brawl that we will unfortunately never see again because Sakurai is worried abou cutscenes getting leaked which is some jank chiz
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The first lines spoken by Supaidaman when he confronts Amazoness and Professor Monster. The most badass introduction ever.
Amazoness: "Who are you?"
Supaidaman: "An emissary from hell, Supaidaman!"
also Supaidaman: "Change, Leopardon!"
by Funky Kong "ULALALALALAYYYYYY" September 27, 2023
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A child sent to represent their friend in a romantic endeavor.
Someone sent a playground emissary to my brother today.
by Treehugers March 1, 2021
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