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WPS this is a slang word for whats people saying.
“WPS this weekend”
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Stands for White People Shit. Describes a wide variety of things ranging from mountain climbing to Michael Bolton to Dr. Phil to tiny watercress sandwiches. People of all races can enjoy WPS, but it's something that is intrinsically White People Shit.
"You seriously think Sage Francis is one of the top 10 MC's of all time? That is some WPS."

"My friends wanted to go to this wine-tasting bar to hang out and listen to folk music. I am not trying to have any of that WPS."
by Jimmy Jack April 22, 2008
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"White People Shit" Something usually done by the Caucasian race that generally displays lack of common sense.
Craig: "Man it's cold as hell outside and that fool has on some shorts!"

DaeDae: "Damn that's W.P.S.!"
by Cordell C. February 26, 2008
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"white people shit". Things that mostly appeal to or only accessible to Caucasians, usually middle class ones.
Wanna go to Starbucks and sip on some latte with a Mac laptop while facing the window so everyone passing by can see you "work."

No bro. That's W.P.S.

Gossip Girl is W.P.S.

HBO's Girls is W.P.S.
by Dave Chappelle's Ghost March 08, 2013
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