An acronym for "Wrong Person". When someone says something to another person, but at the time, did not notice that they were talking to someone else, who they didn't mean to speak to. Often used in instant messengers.
"An example situation in an instant messaging room:"

SomeGuy: Hey, remember when I laughed at that guy with the giant tumor on his head?

SomeChick: Umm, what?!

SomeGuy: Sorry, WP.
by NinjaSilver October 07, 2007
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there is a whole bunch of w.ps overthere lets go whoop their ass
by P Nwaneri August 31, 2005
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Abbreviation of the term: wrong person

Used in online chatting to someone when you have accidentally sent a message to them that was supposed to go to another person. By replying “wp” to the person you accidentally sent the message to, they know that it wasn’t for them.
Tom: Last night’s party was great!
Paul: Yah superb
Tom: Remember when we drunked and stoned that chick?
Jim: Wtf? I didn’t do that.
Tom: oops, wp
Jim: kk
Paul: You there?
Tom: O yah sorry. I wp someone.
by Pirune May 11, 2009
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Abbreviation for White Phosphorous.

Type of grenade used extensively during the Vietnam War. Upon detination, white phosphorous is spread over a wide area. While often used offensively, it's most prolific use was with tank, aircraft and helicopter crews. Upon the eventuality that they had to abandon their vehicle, they would detonate a WP grenade on equipment they did not want to fall into enemy hands.

White phosphorous is a particularly horrific weapon due to the fact that phosphorous reacts violently with water, thus any attempts at extinguishing the fire would result in it getting worse.

Troops were uneasy about using WP as it is very unpredictable and it has a high spread radius.

The radio designation for White Phosphorous is Willie Pete.
Better bring a few Willie Petes for this fire mission Bill, we don't wan't Charlie getting his hands on these XM16's...
by M1969 January 20, 2005
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short for white power.
a saying used by many people who just like saying white power, but sometimes cant say it due to their location so theyve shortened it to WP.
white power can be used to describe anything that is powerful and vanilla-like or creamy.
"That stupid teach gave me a detention for yelling white power, so now im just gonna yell W.P. all day."

"When I score a TD I be like W.P. all day baby."

"Dem Po ballin boys have a surplus of creamy W.P."
by Dilly Bob Thorton October 27, 2007
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Abbreviation for: Wrong person. Often used on online games and MSN when talking to friends in private and you message a person u weren't meaning to.
John to Tom: Hey Fred ! howz your essay coming up?
John to Tom: Oops wp! was ment to type to Fred
by Kayr33m May 15, 2007
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