A very civilized, advanced city in South Dakota. The city has a population of about 165,000 with a metro area of almost 275,000. It is much larger and nicer than Fargo, ND guaranteed. There is plenty to do and is a very pretty place. A great place to raise children and grow old in. SF also has the one of the highest amounts of doctors, lawyers, and bankers per capita in the country.
I love Sioux Falls.
by j09 October 28, 2010
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The biggest city in South Dakota. It's also noted as the best, most civilized city. The People here are no more redneck or stupid than any other place. It may be boring with ony the Empire Mall, Coconut Joe's, and Borrowed Buck's Road House to hang out at, but hey, at least it's not Iowa.
Lucy: Where do you live?
Bobby: Sioux Falls. you?
Lucy: Iowa.
Bobby: Hahahaha. Bye!
by Jessica_BK April 14, 2006
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The worst place in the country to live in; aside from anywhere in Iowa, North Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, Canada, Nebraska, Wyoming, or Idaho. Known for corn, but not so much as Nebraska. Known for potatoes, but not so much as Idaho. Synonyms include: the land of rolling flatness, the land of bored shitless, one mall, shitty schools, expensive private school, holy fuck its cold, no middle class, homelessness, murder, rape, and pillaging.

Antonyms include: awesome, fun, not-bored, good fucking place to live, warm, not-40-below-zero
Things to watch out for: Gambling red people drinking mouthwash and selling siding from government-given houses, its fucking cold out, highs in the mid -30s
"God i hope i never have to drive through Sioux Falls again."
"Don't Sioux Falls me like that!" (synonymous with the word "fuck" as in "Don't fuck me like that!")
by why do i live here February 15, 2011
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A term used for When your a dude into pissing on ppl like R-kelly!
Boy I banged this girl last night she was a freak and after she gave me head I took her to Sioux falls!
by Hom2436 January 24, 2018
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An inverted titty-fuck while deficating on the persons face
If I buy this fat girl enough drinks, maybe she'll come back to my place and I can give her a Sioux Falls Hang Glider.
by Fred Etish October 7, 2006
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