White Phosphorous - Used in WP grenades.
The American M15 grenade contains about 15 ounces, along with a small bursting charge which ignites the phosphorous and scatters it over a 17 metre radius. The phosphorous burns for about 60 seconds at more than 2000 K (which is higher than the melting point of steel), and it will naturally ignite every flammable object in the area.

The burning particles can also embed themselves into human flesh, where they will continue to burn, causing excruciating pain and sinking deeper into the victim's body. Water can only provide temporary relief, as the particles will spontaneously re-ignite the moment they dry. They must therefore be carefully picked out before re-ignition or doused with copper sulphate, which will prevent re-ignition.
This type of grenade will cause severe, possibly even fatal injuries to enemy soldiers, and worse yet, its smoke is highly toxic and can also injure or kill. WP grenades are generally used to clear rooms or trenches or other confined areas where it is unlikely that shifting winds will blow the resulting smoke back into your face.
by Diego November 18, 2003
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(Noun.) Abbreviation for "Wayne Phenomena" in the TV show, "Welcome to the Wayne."
"Why is everyone acting so weird today?"
"Must be a WP."
by ShortcakeSempai March 03, 2018
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Short og "Wrong Person", if you pm some1 you shouldn't have pmed.
To xxkoolguy: Yeah so i meet this noob, and he was like "omg..."
To xxkoolguy: wp :$
To cantas: Yeah so i meet this noob, and he was like "omg..."
To cantas: and oh, btw, very embarrasing, i wrote this to another :$
by Kragx May 18, 2006
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abbrev. of Wendy's Picnic

a social event where all involved hop into cars to order food at a fastfood joint and then park their cars to enjoy their fine repast on the lawn and/or sidewalk outside the delightful establishment
We're all hungry and it's after 10PM. Who's up for a WP?
by mike mosey May 29, 2004
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