It's World Organization of Webmasters you nerd, it's been out there 8 years before your game were released!
Webprofessional: I just joined WOW, I think it'll be fun and may boost my career aswell.
wow_boy32: dat so true, liek ur alliance or horde? i so liek horde cus they have liek imba tauren warriors wham wham and u win u kno.
Webprofessional: Pardon?
by AndreB January 19, 2008
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The symbols from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) that represents Woolworths.
Woolworths is translated at wow except for the case of nerds who assume wow is an acronym for World of Warcraft.
by May 18, 2007
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Word used to describe a state of utter disgust and shock when no other word can accurately describe the emotion:
Girl: Oh my God, that guy is holding out his penis
Girl 2: WOW


Boy: Damn, that bitch is ugly
Boy 2: WOW
by Roxification July 14, 2005
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You put your two hands on either side of your face, making W's with three fingers. Then, open your mouth, so it spells out WOW, it's GREAT!!!
When someone is saying something that isn't very funny, you do the hand signal and say "wow! who cares?"
by b-child July 4, 2006
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WOW (or Wide Open West), a weak sauce cable provider that got lucky in terms of customer increase because of the Time Warner Cable/Comcast Merger Scare

Wide Open West wants you to think you're getting the best channels on cable but unforntunately the cable company's cable lineup is so barebones it's laughable as a plethora of HD channels and desired channels like Smile of a Child, Sprout among others are non-existent on their lineup as they are too fucking lazy to even make a deal to pick up these channels

WOW's OS on their cable boxes are pretty sad as they can't make a simple task like finding your show and ask it to record simple in execution
A kid: MOM!
Mother: Yes dear?
A kid: Where's Sprout?
Mother: We don't get it no more
A kid: Why?
Mother: We switched to WOW
*kid kills himself by drowning in bleach*
by Sgt. Bilby June 3, 2015
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a whore on wheels; that does anything with anybody
Dionne is such a WOW she does every guy she sees
by spongebob_2hot March 5, 2006
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