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WOMPA new retro meaning, replaces the old outdated, wicked, sick, massive, brill, cool, got to have. Multi meaning for got to have, its excellent, thats cool mate, bring it on. OMG

Wompa That. Best ever. Thats great.
i'll WOMPA that. (Just seen new games console most wanted ever) WOMPA. thats WOMPA.

Invited out to party of the centry ..WOMPA..

Just had a brilliant night out and posted on facebook and twitter.. That was WOMPA. or a WOMPA night had by all.
Just got Shagged by your girlfrind thats WOMPA. Just been added as in a relationship with.... Thats WOMPA.
by VODKA ICE November 19, 2010
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Cincinnati/Columbus vernacular; slang, adj. describing a person, place, thing, situation, event, or idea that is highly upsetting or unfavorable; slang, n. a person, place, situation, etc. that is highly unfavorable or upsetting. derived from the Latin, "wompus," meaning: "To bear curly purple hair and goggles." Sometimes incorrectly spelled "wampa."
adj. "I'm living a wompa life."; n. "Oh my God, that guy is so wompa!"
by Julianna August 05, 2003
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Someone who does not get the "wompa-palooza" joke (no real joke). The inferior race when compared to its counterpart, the paloozas.

**there is no official way to spell "wompa" so spell it however you wish**
Ben is such a wompa dude! He doesn't even understand what wompapalooza is!
by Mr. 4th Place August 15, 2018
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_Wompa__Stompa will give you the game secrets in Shadows of the Empire.
Darth Rendar is really fucking cool with the _Wompa__Stompa game secrets. Die you fucking stormtrooper motherfucker.
by Dick Splash August 17, 2003
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From the Wadsworth Llanito (Gibraltarian language of English/Spanish origin) meaning 'darling' or 'person of beauty'.
For fuck sake wompa, where's my puto sandwich!?
by Waddle13 March 08, 2016
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