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Someone or something that makes you embarrassed to be a part of the human race. Usually classified by seeing something and feeling extremely embarrassed, throwing your head back and closing your eyes to block your view of the cringy media, and biting your lip to keep in your scream of utter disgust. In some cases, a person viewing cringy media may also feel an almost unbearable feeling of wanting to kill themselves. You can usually tell when a person is viewing cringy media because their device (phone, tablet, anything that has access to the internet has access to this shitty media) is in their hands and they are closing their eyes and making a noise like "hnngh!" Either that, or they are severely constipated.
Some Person Who Honestly Believes Their A Cat: When people ask me how it feels to be a cat I ask them "how does it feel to be a human?"
by ShadowHeart1 August 26, 2016
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Someone or something that is or makes you feel very awkward (embarrassed).
"Have you seen the new eppisode of htb popular?"
"Gosh, yes, it was so cringy..."
by anakinchem August 10, 2017
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Videos, pictures,and objects that make you scrunch your nose and hide your eyes from the teeth barring cringyness.
*watching Jacob Sartorius sweatshirt video*
Girl 1: Have you seen That sweatshirt video.
Girl 2: Omg yes it makes me want too drink bleach

Girl 1: I know. Its so cringy!!!
by Peaches❤ December 22, 2016
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When you watch any MCU movie and have sore cheeks from constantly breathing in through gritted teeth, whilst pulling back your lips and closing your eyes, in response to the constant "Cringy" use of comedy.
Did you see how Ultron acted like Jim Carrey in the avengers, it was soo cringy.
by Thanos Willis February 17, 2018
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mostly used on musical.lys. Stuff like juju on that beat videos etc.
juju on that beat 's playing
Girl: starts dancing

Girl's friend: stop that's so cringy
via giphy
by Scarly Barly March 22, 2017
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A word to express the utter disgust of college students who show too much pda for the comfort of other students.
"Oh my gosh, that couple are so cringy. Can they stop grabbing each other for ten seconds? It's put me off my lunch now."
by KermoDeFrog March 16, 2017
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