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When you enter a public restroom in order to relieve a copious quantity of the contents of the bowels, and it just so happens that the smell can only be thought of as "Eau de Subway Homeless". The result makes people choose another restroom on another floor, another building or just hold it until they get home. Neutron Bombs are frequently detonated at roadside rest stops, county park latrines, mall food courts, other people's house parties, corporate environments where you didn't get the job, corporate environments where you haven't gotten a raise in three years, corporate environments in general but not on your floor, or at the bathroom display area at a home improvement store.
"The Kung Pao Chicken from Kar Won gave me some serious rumbles. Don't go up to 6th floor, I had to drop a neutron bomb there."

"Are you kidding? Right after lunch?"

"Yeah, the fallout is leaking into the hallway."
by Junior Squid Number 3 June 26, 2013
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Fomenting a breakup of existing relationship in order to start dating one of its members.

The term can also apply what you do to a guy when you steal his girlfriend.

"Neutron bomb" originally refers to the tactical nuclear weapon, which kills populations but leaves infrastructure intact for use by an invading army.
Sandra is really hot, but she's been seeing that dork Jeffery. I need to neutron bomb that so I can get in.

I neutron bombed John so I could date his hot girlfriend Amy.
by HankRearden July 31, 2007
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