Whomp means to hit something with extreme force.
Hey Billy, whomp the snake in the front yard with a club!
by Dalteno December 13, 2018
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those kids in nyc who like to tear shit up and have orgys in tompkins br
guy: yooo have you heard of the whomps? they did some crazy shit today!
other guy: Yeahh those fucking little kids who like to fuck things up
by hotprettybitch March 07, 2021
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To perform oral self on another.
Used in a derogatory sense.

Interchangeable with "suck my dick" or "blow me."

Derived from the enemy in Mario bros. series. These characters fall face first, similar to when a man receives oral sex from someone else.
Example 1:
Person 1:"You suck at this game."
Person 2:"You can whomp, bitch!!!"
by JoeyJuxtapose February 14, 2011
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The act of sucking off a juul or vape to get big clouds.
Bro I've been whomping on my juul all day now I'm feeling wavy. Take a whomp off it and you'll understand bro.
by Milkguy February 27, 2018
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When an internal bodily function returns to where it once came.
Anon: "Man i was with my girl, had to fart but held it in."
New Fag: "Aw shit man you whomped?"
Anon: "Dude i whomped so hard!"
by DRUNK PROFESSOR May 25, 2015
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