"Did you see Kim Kardashian's semi-naked post on instagram?"
"Yeah she's my WCW, I tagged her and everything with dat hashtag!"
by Jenga11 September 16, 2015
1: World Championship Wrestling(The former NWA: Mid-Atlantic promotion that Ted Turner bought in the late 80's and was sold to WWE in March 2001)
2: We Can't Wrestle(everyone is too old to wrestle & just talks all night long)
3: Wheel-Chair Wrestling(everyone is too old to walk)
Eventhough WCW had Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Psicosis & Ultimo Dragon, it STILL sucks!!!!!
by Mikey K January 2, 2005
Woman Crush Wednesday; proclaim your affection for a ladyfriend using Facebook, Twitter... Myspace....
Sally: Michelle Obama is my WCW because of her arms.
James: Preach!
by orange_crush_flame October 3, 2013
Whatcom County Walrus. A large, hairy, greasy gay male who lives in the Pacific Northwest region or Whatcom County, Washington. This blubbery mammal can be found at local casinos and fast food restaurants bellowing and hulling up.

Whatcom County Walruses do not bathe regularly and tend to eat large quantities of greasy fast food. This may explain the massive girth of the animal as well as the thick coat of grease all over its hairy skin.
The WCW just went to McDonald's. He ate his cheeseburger so fast I amost puked.
by Super Nay January 21, 2012
Webcam Wank. To describe the act of masturbation wherein one's ardour is stimulated by the sex acts of another person(s) who are in various states of undress and/or partaking in sexual conduct via a webcam.
I had a great wcw the other day, jizzed right up on the keyboard.
by demonseed March 24, 2008
WCW - Womens Crush Wednesday

If you have a female that you like or think is beautiful and you take a picture (selfie) with her then put the caption #WCW
by Idgafaybyaaw March 9, 2017