WCW stands for Woman Crush Wednesday, the knockoff of #mcm, or Man Crush Monday. It originated on twitter, the social media app. You would say #wcw on Wednesday if you were naming your crush on a post/tweet/blog.
My #wcw is Emma Watson the actor!
by RektRuby March 8, 2018
Woman Crush Wednesday: On social media, such as: Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter. Women and men post a pic of their woman crush
*Girl 1* whos ur wcw??
*Girl 2* oh u know Justin Bieber
by Xx~BubbleButt~xX April 20, 2015
Who's your Wcw..
My WcW Is.....
by you Are Welcome August 15, 2013
WCWS - Worst Case Wife Scenario. A female whom is so unpleasant, visibly upsetting, annoying, unhygienic, rude, demanding, crazy or all of the aforementioned, that she has the potential to be the worst case scenario of a wife that you could imagine.

For use in a sentence = 'Worst Case Wife Scenario'
Acronym use for online = 'WCWS'
Jesus H Christmas, James! Check that crazy woman with the snaggle-tooth and the elastic waistband jeans eating pulling her husband's hair because he didn't just park in the disabled space and made her walk 12 steps. WCWS alert!
by Rydo December 15, 2010
Wrong Color, Wrong Sex. A synonym for reverse discrimination.
Why didn't you get that promotion? WCWS.
by TheHRGuy February 11, 2011