British terms for a Male/Man crush or a Female/Woman crush
Kalie: OMG, Jordan is my MCM / WCM
Matthew: I think Tennesse might be my MCM / WCW - woman crush
by LDNQueenz July 28, 2020
WCW means Women Crush Wherever or Women Crush Wednesday
Mia Johnson is my WCW! She is so cute😍😍
by izzy j June 9, 2016
"Woman Crush Wednesday"
From the beginning wcw was used to name you crush in exempel post on twitter, snaps on snapchat, and other social media, but as most things people tends to break trends or find more way of using it.

It now also used every wednesday to complain about be singel or proud to be.
Has also become more common not only use wcw about boyfriend/girlfriend but to name an friend,thing, pet or family member.

This day is every wednesday and is celebrate mostly online rather then in real-life.
So if don`t use social media alot one most likely never heard about this day.
WCW best mom ever !
WCW love myself proud to be singel!
WCW love my boyfriend!
by hatriuos May 1, 2019
the most annoying thing a ghetto girl posts.
wcw. self love. fyeee fr. since i’m not getting posted.
by registeredflexoffender August 19, 2019
World Cup Will is a style of celebration that takes over the average humans normal functions. It forces them into a frenzy of celebration so powerful that spectacles fly off there face.
That guys celebration is proper WCW.
by yourlocaltroll June 21, 2018