The act of waking up in the morning and proceeding to get baked by usage of the cannabis plant.
I W & B this morning.
by Jashhh April 10, 2010
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Sup Boo,
I need to talk to you!

w/b soon
by Cathy April 13, 2004
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Short for Wake and Bake, which is the process of smoking a bowl or marijuana in general in the morning before going to work, school, etc.
Kira: Are you ready for school?
Sky: Almost, I gotta w&b though. School is so much better high...
by Skylord321 August 25, 2008
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acronym for "welcome back" usually used on msn or other instant messaging services.
A: brb phones ringin
B: k
5 min later
A: back
B: w/b
A: tnx
B: who was it?
A: eric
by sexybitch March 9, 2005
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Its an awesome thumbs up face, sometimes used for evil purposes on chats
>"I just cussed out my irl friend"
>>"Nice =w=b
by eternalgloy July 16, 2011
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Wife Beater noun. a sleavless under shirt worn by men who drink beer out of a can, and repair there TV by striking it.
This w/b makes me look buff.
by Jwrona April 23, 2006
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Stop being a W A B and get to work.
by skilletw December 27, 2007
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