Kira is an amazing friend who is always by your side. She will never turn you down or leave you behind! She will help you through thick and thin and will never forget about you. She is the coolest person you will ever bump into and don't ever let her go because you'll regret it.
Kira the most amazing friend you could ask for
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Usually very fun loving and happy, slightly but they can have a dark side. (From my experience of course) . She might be emotional or very overprotective.
Hi I'm kira! And if you mess with my friends you get punched in the face!
by Puff puff June 14, 2018
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An amazing, hot, funny, intelligent woman. Kira is the kind of person that keeps it real and will NOT back down from a fight. If you're a Kira, dating a Kira, or friends with a Kira you're a REALLY lucky person. Be careful though, Kira can also be a very bad bitch. If you cheat on her she may key your car. If you threaten her or her friends she'll probably fight you. So, if you're close to a Kira don't let her go and do NOT piss her off.
Boy 1: Kira is so hot.

Boy 2: Yeah, but she's also a psycho man. She keyed Rodney's car last week.
Boy 1: Damn your right.
by Joey McDade May 16, 2018
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A very beautiful and talented girl. She's smart, brave, and very kind. She dosent care about what people think of her. She's the best friend anyone could ask for.
Girl:You're so weird.

Kira:I know, I'm weird and I love it.
by QueenPresh July 2, 2017
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The absolute amazingest girl ever and the best girlfriend a guy could wish for. Her smile lights up your day and you can wait for some time alone with her. She accepts your love without a question and gives it right back to you.
Aww snap that girl Kira is amazing! I want to marry her one day.
by Llamacorn_lord March 20, 2015
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Kira, best word to describe her is perfect. A Kira is stunning, super sexy, has beautiful eyes, a goddess and has a beautiful smile. Kira has a way with people. She is extremely kind and forgiving, but cross her path and she will bite your face off. Kira is athletic and smart and ALL the boys secretly like her but are too afraid to ask her out because of her perfectness...its intimmedating. If someone doesn't like a Kira it's because they are jealous. She is an amazing bestfriend and is always loyal. She is anyones idol.
person1- "Did the room just suddenly get sexier?"
person2- "Yeah, Kira just walked in.."
person3- "dayummm"
by girl022 April 16, 2012
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The most beautiful girl in the world. She holds my heart gently in her left hand while she holds my hand with her right. Kira makes me feel some type of way. She’s elegant and beautiful, sometimes a little crazy, but I love that about her. I long for her when she’s away and I dream sweet things of her day and night. She does all she can to make others smile and despite her struggles she still keeps that beautiful smile on her face.
I love Kira.
by Tasteslikesunshine18 April 18, 2018
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