17 definitions by sexybitch

A) When something is immense, great, superb, any of the aforementioned terms and the like.
B) a term used as a gretting eg. "hey sexual" when talkign to soemone very attrative or a good girl friend.
C) talking about an experience that is relate to sex or the image of being sexy.
"Hey sexual"
"hey sup?"

"Damn, last night she was dancing n shakin her ass it was so sexual"

"Holy Shit thats sexual"
by sexybitch March 9, 2005
A boy that sucks dicks 24/7 witch is usually gay and ginger he is a male whore every Vali is a male whore.
Tom:'' is that Vali?''
Emma:''yup hes 2gay2function''
by sexybitch September 5, 2014
used to emphasise/agree and/or add on to a comment that someone else has just made
ow ow manda u sexy biotch
A: damn shes HOTT
B: ow ow
by sexybitch March 9, 2005
acronym for "welcome back" usually used on msn or other instant messaging services.
A: brb phones ringin
B: k
5 min later
A: back
B: w/b
A: tnx
B: who was it?
A: eric
by sexybitch March 9, 2005
acronym used for finger bang when someone shoes their fingers into a girls pussy like a penis during sex.
Sometimes used over instant messaging sich as msn so you don't ahve to typ out both words.
eg: A: hey
B: hey y u l8?
A: at lunch?
B: ya where were u?
A: I was FB Jane
B: o
A: ya dat bitch was orgasiming for 10 min
B: lol u da man
"yo why u late man?"
" I fb amanda"
"damn homie u pimp"
by sexybitch March 6, 2005