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A boy that sucks dicks 24/7 witch is usually gay and ginger he is a male whore every Vali is a male whore.
Tom:'' is that Vali?''
Emma:''yup hes 2gay2function''
by sexybitch September 5, 2014
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A) When something is immense, great, superb, any of the aforementioned terms and the like.
B) a term used as a gretting eg. "hey sexual" when talkign to soemone very attrative or a good girl friend.
C) talking about an experience that is relate to sex or the image of being sexy.
"Hey sexual"
"hey sup?"

"Damn, last night she was dancing n shakin her ass it was so sexual"

"Holy Shit thats sexual"
by sexybitch March 9, 2005
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To drop that ass on the floor and get it krunk.Also a song by snoop dogg
when da pimps in da crib ma:
Drop it like itz hot(repeat 3x)
When them pigs try to get u:
park it like its hot(repeat 3x)
And if a nigga get a attitude:
pop it like its hot (repeat 3x)
by sexybitch January 26, 2005
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1. in referance to Sherlock holmes
calling someone a smart ass or an insult in calling someone whehn they are trying to act smart and point out the ovious
2. sexy old neighbor somewhat a wigger but nonetheless a good guy with a hot superman ring.
3. slang What you could call a friend, a stranger, or use a mocking someone for being differnet
4. sarcastic comment calling someone a smart ass
-thanks holmes (sarcastic)
-ya shut up wattson

-sup holmes?
-nm wat bout u?
-nuffin g2g tho c ya home slice
-pc easy
by sexybitch March 2, 2005
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variation of plop.
a plop that causes water to fly up and smack your ass...leaving you cleansed and refreshed.
i forgot to wipe my ass cheeks... that ploop really got me that time!
by sexybitch June 6, 2003
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Very sexy, Justin wanna be, tongue pierced fine social teacher!!
AKA: Mr. So Fine
Damn, look its Mr.Sauve!!!
by sexybitch May 10, 2003
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