Fellatio brought to climax whereupon the active participant vomits with such force as to direct the ejaculate back through the recipient's urethra.
I came so hard that Jenny gave me an Alaskan slurp & vurp.
by Drletharga May 10, 2019
(Verb) : The untended consequence of trying to burp with an upset stomach or in a disgusting situation, and you accidentally vomit.
(Origin): Related word - Shart.
After I gave my girlfriend the angry dragon last night, she vurped all over the bed.

I must have eaten some bad Chinese food. I have been vurping since I ate that lo mein.
by Brikkhaus April 11, 2016
Mouth shart: aka expecting a burp but vomiting instead and acting like nothing is wrong.
Anna vurped at Katie’s Kentucky derby party, wiped herself off and played catchphrase without the group noticing.
by fribblesltd January 20, 2020
An adverb used to describe the phenomenon of simultaneously vomiting and burping.
"duuuuude.... where's my vurp?"

"mannnn... my mouth tastes of vurp"
by Big Tasty Papi April 22, 2017
sus???? like amo ngus????
by These are NOT POODLES December 25, 2021