When someone is to vomit and burp simultaneously. It is a vurp.
Cheryl drank too much vodka oranges and meant to burp but vomited in her mouth and swallowed it. This is called a vurp.

Ei; Cheryl and Jen vurped after too many vodkas.
by Old lady24 October 30, 2022
vurp vrup
by Txabi Etxebarrieta July 22, 2021
Vurping is when someone burps, but some gets up their throat, causing a vomit burp, or vurp.
Dude, I was eating the other day, and I just had a vurp! It was disgusting.
A spontaneous eruption of oxygen escaping the vaginal orifice.
Kit, proceeding a tremendous sexual encounter from behind, vurped uncontrollably.
by Seymour_Krystal November 12, 2017