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Electrifying bj that causes you to come five times.
Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh ….. whoosh. VOLT!!!
by JJ-DJ February 28, 2014
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A one-man band started in 1991 by Eric Powell with the vision to combine punk, electronic, and industrial. Has had a varied career topping Rolling Stone alternative charts and due to his large following even contracted for game soundtracks, including Command and Conquer and the PS2 game Primal.
Have you heard that new 16 volt record?
by BertyMcFUCK September 25, 2007
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Volt crossing is motocross for the young pups that care about the environment and believe that electric is the future. Electric motorbikes without gears and harmful fumes which makes it suitable for vegans.
Boy 1. Here boy are you going volt crossing at the weekend or what?
Boy 2. Yeah boy I’m gonna tail whip the iron horses big time
Boy 3. What’s volt crossing?
Boy 1&2. Lmao your lame mick mag
by Crazysteve December 4, 2019
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A sex technique much similar to scissoring except with two men. Both men assume a sitting position while laying on their sides, then they back their asses up to each other and insert their penises into the other's butts.
Dan isn't a bitch when it comes to gay sex, he likes nine volting, so it is all mutual.
by Max, Greg, Jason and Dan February 8, 2008
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Another word for a vagina. The word derives from the acidic sting you feel when putting your tongue on a 9-volt battery. There is a somewhat acidic "sting" felt on your tongue when placed on a vagina because of the acidic environment (low pH).
For example: I went down on her 9 volt; Battery acid is leaking from her 9 volt;
by romracer March 3, 2010
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1)Very stinky
2)Lost his "Girl" to his "friend"
3)No one likes him
4)Has no life
5)barely in volt
volt instinctz is very smelly and I want emma back
by VoLT Trialz February 16, 2017
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Code word for going to the strip club and doing lines of Blow off some strippers tits.
Why is your nose bleeding?
We went and saw Son Volt until 4 am last night.
by Bill Wagner March 13, 2008
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