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Performing cunnilingus on a girl but never letting her reach orgasm
Will you please just stop being a tease and finish me off?!
by JJ-DJ January 26, 2015

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Electrifying bj that causes you to come five times.
Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh ….. whoosh. VOLT!!!
by JJ-DJ February 28, 2014

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Great place to have sex on, especially one that is plush and covered in soft, black leather.
Do you like my new leather settee?
Lovely. Now climb on it, lift your skirt and bend over haha!!
by JJ-DJ November 21, 2014

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Something that seems to happen whenever you're with your accountant
Accountant: Okay, let's file this tax return for you
Embarrassed Client: I'm so sorry but I've got a raging boner just being near you
by JJ-DJ January 28, 2017

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A swig is the first spurt of semen that you have to swallow before you can spit the rest out. Usually happens if there is a ridiculous amount of ejaculate.
I had to take a swig there or I would have choked haha
by JJ-DJ January 25, 2015

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Tax accountant. Intelligent, beautiful and loves the DJ
Joss, I need my tax return completed. Okay, but let me deal with DJ's 50ml first
by JJ-DJ January 26, 2017

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