Spanish word used when you don't feel like doing something.
"Me da paja ir al supermercado."

"I don't feel like going to the supermarket"
by acm1pt July 10, 2009
A common Honduran term that means lie. Use pajero/a when calling someone a liar. That is the only meaning this term has in Honduras.
"Que paja maje" "Pura paja ese cuento" "Si es pajero ese loco va?" "Beh loca contame el chambre pero sin pajas"
by castellano October 4, 2018
Paja is caliche meaning lie. A pajero/a is a liar.Also, paja can mean straw, or masturbate. In countries other than El Salvador, pura paja is the best term to say lie, within still usig the word paja.
Rodrigo- " No estabas aqui anoche"
Alejandro;" Paja, yo estaba en la cocina!"
by cnbtqmES January 19, 2010
This girl is, without a doubt an amazing person.
She's nice and caring and there for you you when you need her.
She's also incrediblely funny and intelligent.

Also, not to forget, a Paja is the most beautiful thing you'll ever see.
Guy 1: Dude, I totally tried to score this really hot girl yesterday. But she's was just way too awesome for me.. what do you call that kind of girl
Guy 2: A Paja...

Girl 1: Arrwww, I was really sad yesterday, but thewn one of my friends came by with chips and some movies and totally made me fell good!
Girl 2: God! you're so lucky! I wish I had a Paja too!
by thegirlwhoisprettyawesome July 18, 2011
Spanish Slang for cum ; jizz

Note: The offical Spanish definition is: Straw
Paja en mi faz bebe!
by WoW285632 June 12, 2008