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When you are in a hurry and you want to piss fast, you start to piss, then flush so that you perfectly time it and you finish pissing at the exact same time the flush swirls down.
It was 8 o'clock and Jacob was late for class, so he express pissed and got the fuck out of there.
by ContinuumTransfunctioner September 17, 2010

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The act of doing nothing, the verb associated with a complete lack of action.
No, I was tired and spent the whole time nothinging.
by ContinuumTransfunctioner October 29, 2010

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a.) A term used to describe a television show that claims to be a reality show, but is very clearly scripted. In the fashion of the obviously-fake douchery of the show Viva La Bam from Bam Margera.

b.) When the situations and/or conversations in a reality-type show are too ridiculous or convenient to not have been written in a script.
In that episode of Pawn Stars that was on last night, Rick had to find Chum Lee who was lost in Disney Land. That show has just become "Viva La Pawn Stars"
by ContinuumTransfunctioner September 06, 2010

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