A great rock band from New York. Their sound is sometimes called "cult-core".
"You are Bayside, and Bayside is a cult"
by Aurora13 May 7, 2006
A high school located in Queens of New York. It is home to pseudo-intellectual snobs. But their shitty SATs don't reflect their perfect 4.0s, AMIRITEOWUT?

Average IQ of baysider = 65
Student A: Yo, bayside is a good high school, ya?

Student B: HELL NO! It's the school filled with shitheads who think their 4.0s magically make them intelligent. No one in that school has an ounce of intelligence.
by Baysider March 27, 2010
a school that nothing works in

this school is such a bayside
by Deniel Henderson March 26, 2019
a very original band whos music is the best cure for a breakup, coming off drugs, and getting off the ground and back up on your feet. "bayside is a cult."
(guy says to friend) "my girlfriends an alcholic and she just told me she screwed my father. im gonna go slit my wrists now."

(friend says to guy)"but youd probably make a mess with all the blood. you should just go listen to Bayside."

problem solved
by sarek_the_god April 7, 2009
McElroy's Bar 40th and Bell. It is now Bourbon Street but back in the late 60's early 70's there was nothing better then getting together and going there. There was RoJo's Pizza a block or so down, and you could get a slice and a coke for 35 cents and then hop in a '66 corvette. There was no time better than that!
McElroys-Rojo's Pizza- Bayside HS
by Long Island522 February 2, 2007
(Verb): The act of getting Baysided; anally abused in a non-convenient manner, typically unexpected.
Guy: "Happy Birthday baby."
Girl: "Awww. You shouldn't have."
Guy: "Now close your eyes."
Girl: "UHHHH".
Guy: "You just got baysided.
by SCATElite September 23, 2013
A middle to upper class neighborhood in Queens NY located near the Cross Island Parkway and Nassau county. Main street include Bell Boulevard, Northern Boulevard, and Francis Lewis Boulevard. Bayside is home to many of the best High Schools in Queens, including Benjamin Cardozo High School on Springfield Boulevard and Bayside High School.
Bell Blvd is in Bayside
by NYC Metalhead June 23, 2006