A post modern, post oil train that is basically a cross between a big city subway (e.g. metro) and an old school trolly. When serviced by a competent organization, this type of train has the potential to beat the living shit out of global warming and peak oil.

In America, however, when mismanaged by your typical urban state government, a light rail system quickly becomes a broken down version of the world's smallest joke amongst the increasing proportion of working folk who can't afford $4/gallon gasoline.

The Baltimore light rail is a vital link of the area's public transit system, yet it just makes the city look more ghetto while it does very little to reduce traffic on interstates 83 and 97. Furthermore, it fails to convince the youth of Glen Burnie and Cockeysville that pimped out Civics and low riders are not the wave of our global ecological future.
by TripleCatzWar May 22, 2008
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In Phoenix the Light Rail is a cheap place, for only $3.50, to keep out of the heat of the day.

Other then at rush hour most of the people waiting at light rail stops look homeless.
by garage man August 17, 2009
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Light rail isn't Santa Claus.
Light rail didn't make the neighborhood cool, the neighborhood was cool when it was a blue collar neighborhood, then the light rail gentrified the area.
by The Original Agahnim October 13, 2021
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