A male or felmale that has not yet ingaged in sex, becuase they are smart. Important to remember girls are not the only ones how save themselves.
Girl: I love you but Im not ready to have sex
Boy: Okay, are you sure?
Boy:okay, to tell you the truth im a virgin too
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A Man or a Women(Boy or Girl) who has not had sex yet.
I rather wait to get married to have sex. So thereofre I will remain a Virgin.
by Saint51 April 2, 2010
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Something I am because I’m an unmarried Christian male.
I’m a Virgin because I’m religiously prohibited from engaging in premarital sex.
by Xxxxxxxxfanboyxxxxxxxxxx August 26, 2020
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Someone who looks up the word virgin.
During the National Spelling bee, Jim said, "Look at that virgin go!"
by coolshortguy March 22, 2010
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One who writes disgusting decriptions of sexual acts with women and submits them for publication in an on-line slang dictionary.
If you find eating a combination of cum and poop satisfying or funny, it is because you are a virgin and have never actualy done it.
by Tenarr June 21, 2005
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Me: hey Timmy what ya playing

Bob: I’m not Timmy but I’m playing fortnite
Me: you virgin
Bob: I mean Minecraft

Me: Boi you lost your virginity haven’t you

Bob: I’m 12
by Fortnitesucks January 26, 2019
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