Awsome idea that is slowly being overwhelmed by morons who insist on making up complete bullshit words about sex, their boy/girl friend, and every low IQ insight that pops into their minds. Hopefully the book version will weed out all the bullshit.
Dan: Hey I just took a big fucking dump!!
John: Really. Hmmmm. Hey that could be a word!
Dan: Huh?
John: How just took a Bif-dump!
Dan: Dude, submit it to a slang dictionary like
John: Yeah. Ok. I'll do it.
by m1z_w1z_11 September 4, 2005
This is what it says on the Urban Dictionary homepage. You typed this in because you are bored and you're surfing Urban Dictionary for no apparent reason. Most likely you copied and pasted the word because you're too lazy to actually type it out.
Because you have no life, you typed in 'Urban Dictionary is the slang dictionary you wrote. Define your world.' Ctrl+C then, Ctrl+V. Great job, copy and paste.
by slashdeath97 July 7, 2009
The line of text that appears underneath the search box of
Billy: Where's the search box at?
Larry: Right on the top.
Billy: I can't find it.
Larry: Right above where it says "Urban Dictionary is a slang dictionary with your definitions. Define your world."
Billy: I can't read...
by Winged2point0 July 30, 2006
When use of language consists only of words found on
You: They had a brown out and when they woke up they were weiner cousins. Too bad someone didnt automagically cock block otherwise they would be able to have their febreze showers in peace.

Jay: To your point, the next day they had a status malfunction.

Maya: You guys are using Urban Dictionary slang...
by papayamastah November 14, 2009