what i am. A virgin can apply to someone who has not yet had sex or lost their virginity. This can be due to either nervousness, not being able to find a partner or being scared of women in general. It can also be applied to someone who is a virgin because they are asexual and have no desire to have sex with others. I find this combination above applies to me thats why i remain a virgin at 35.
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A person who plays fortnite and post their wins on their snapchat story
(guy 1)i just won a game in fortnite
(guy 2)Your are a virgin
by supercalifrgilistic June 1, 2018
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An individual who have not participated in any form of genital intercourse.
Food products that have not been mixed or diluted
He decided to maintain the culture of staying a virgin through out the process of establishing his standing till marriage.
Virgin olive oil is more cherished than tainted or diluted olive oil.
She doesn't like having her food mixed together, she prefers it separated in virgin state on the plate.
by Kniyi A. April 21, 2017
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A person with an extreme phobia of children.
"I'm a virgin because sex equals demon spawn."

"Screw religious beliefs of virginity, I just hate children"
by kzdhf sd December 26, 2008
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One who listens to Weezer
A: hey what are you listening to?
B: weezer
A: virgin.
by Alexneedscoffee June 22, 2021
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The Definition Of Virgin Is A Person Who Gets No Bitches A.K.A. YOU
The Proof You'll Stay A Virgin Is Because You Are On The Urban Dicktionary
by M17bully May 9, 2022
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