Violetta is the name of a stunningly beautiful girl. She's a sweet girl, but a feisty one, who makes sure she gets what she wants. She's a crazy being, that's fast, smart, and brave. She isn't afraid of anything, and she's always first to volunteer to go on a big rollercoaster, zipline over a mile drop valley, talk to a very important person about anything and not thinking over it, or jump out of a plane. She's loyal and never tells a secret. When not in a conversation, she will most likely be coming up with new ideas and stories. She's creative and intelligent, a million paces in front of you mentally. She's fashionable and outgoing. She talks to everybody but has her opinions, that she definitely shares. If you have done anything, even if it's small, to her or the people she loves, she most likely won't forgive you quickly. If you don't like her or have done something to her, she will show how hurt and disappointed she is subtly. She will fight back, so choose your words carefully. Overall, if you meet a Violetta, don't get butterfingers and let her friendship slip away from you. You will regret it.
Girl 1: "Have you met Violetta?"
Girl 2: "Yeah, she's my best friend."
Girl 1: "Mine too! She's great."
by itsthevictimmentalityforme November 25, 2019
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Female name. Orgin: France. A beautiful girl name. Very rare name same as the person with this personality. The craziest person you'll ever meet. She rides bikes, races, climbes mountains, dives, shoots, and jumps off the plane. She never follows the rules and her life is up side down all the time. Always in a hurry, doing many things at a time. One day she may be in Australia, the next day you discover she left for Africa. Unless you're so crazy as her and with thousands ideas per second don't bother trying to keep up with her, she'll beat you everywhere and with every idea, cause she's already done it. She likes everyone and she rarely argues, but when you hurt her she will not ever trust you again. Always keeps the promises she made.
Violetta Valéry
by Minimker February 16, 2010
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Violetta, she is a beautiful person with a sweet personality. Violetta likes to help out her family and friends. Violetta is the kind of person who has big trust issues. Violetta was hurt and let down by people and that is why she is so self-conscious. Violetta puts everyone before her no matter what.
“Who is that?” He asked

“That’s Violetta” she said

“Why is she wearing that ugly thing?” he asked
“Because that’s what she wears when she goes to help orphan kids out at shelters”

“That’s what she wears when she cooks for the homeless”

“ That’s what Violetta wears when she give her free time to help people and kids out” She said
by Urban Of... May 31, 2019
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A name reserved for only the prettiest girls in the world.

Generally speaking, the name reflects the girl's outstanding beauty (like a violet), her talent for classical music (like the violin), and—occasionally—her unholy temper (like violence).
Joe Schmo: "Wow, that girl is stunning, clever, and ridiculously good at violin! Who is she?"
Evander: "Violetta, obviously!"
by elpriceisright March 9, 2009
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She's K.
Violetta is k.
by Canucka May 5, 2015
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The Current EVW womens champion
Man: Do you know violetta marie?

person: No, what about her

Man: Well Wtf Are you Doing go watch her on EVW!
by Noah Austin May 21, 2021
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my bestieeeeeee oml she’s the best person ever and she deserves amazing things ❤️❤️
by hehe hola ._. January 22, 2019
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