Referring to someone as ''a wee frodo'' tends to insinuate that they are unfortunate looking (ugly)
aye did you see the state of him? wee frodo like
by God of northern irish May 8, 2011
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The process, or action, of completing an objective in honor of Frodo Baggins of the Shire, aka Frodo son of Drogo.
by Aragorn Elessar May 1, 2005
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1. When you are addicted to crack and never seem to let it go until it makes you crazy, idiotic and even a different person, no matter how nice you are.

2. Someone who wants to eagerly destroy their marriage, whether it'd be a man or a woman. They then might throw off their rings (a la, "Frodo it").

3. Someone who will sacrifice their life for anything, especially to stop evil stuff.

4. A girl who just twirls her fingers around her pussy when she masturbates, but never really fingers it. Her eyes will roll and she will make strange sounds.
This crack is making me go insane, why did it come to me? I wish it never come to me!

Jenny Frodo'd her husband.

A brave heroic soldier pulled a Frodo Baggins by killing Osama Bin Laden!

I just Frodo'd my pussy today and I had the most awesome orgasm.
by Faggins October 24, 2011
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The act of 'going Frodo'. Usually involves being in a state of paranoia which leads to bouts of anger, delusion and - occasionally - can involve states of nakedness and violence.
'Fuck, he's gone Frodo'

'He's a loose cannon - he went frodo last week and beat the shit outta me'
by The Face Man MK II August 8, 2008
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A person of similar stature to a hobbit who then proceeds to finger an inebriated 'grenade' in a club. The 'grenade' does not recall the event the following morning.
So we totally saw Jon 'frodoing' this chick at the club the other night, we'll just say he lost his ring in her hot smelly Mordor last night.
by frodo the chode-o September 27, 2010
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-that last bit of poo that wont drop into the toilet
-an annoying little shit that wont let go of the ring
-Are you okay in there?
-Yeah, but I gotta frodo. Come back in like 10 minutes
by nicole July 9, 2004
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