Pubes. Also refers to a guy who acts like a pube.
Wow, stop being such a mange.
by mangeman June 9, 2015
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someone or something that is mangey or gross; also see mangey or manged
remember when that guy puked all over you? that shit was fuckin mange!!!
by mitchell kratzie September 14, 2006
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Slang for edibility, food, or the act of eating.

Orgin:(French: Manger) French kids living on a boat with a majority of english kids for 300 days as they went around the world.
Ex: mmmm.. dude that looks mangey
Ex: Yo lets mob. I wana go mange.
Ex: Yo dog got any mange I can snag?
by M. Gust March 21, 2007
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She had so much mange, you couldn't find her manko.
by Mankosaurus April 20, 2008
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To purposely do sweet F A, fill in time, drag out a day at work.
lets jus mange,
What are yous doin? jus mangin'
by Mick June 15, 2006
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A term used for a token Asian. One who is incapable of speaking fluent English and uses phrases that can only be identified as "Mang Mang".
At the Milk Bar, Sam asked the Asian who was serving there how much a can of Coke was only to be replied with "Mang Mang Wahh". Repeatedly.
by Steve Molloy July 11, 2006
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