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Pubes. Also refers to a guy who acts like a pube.
Wow, stop being such a mange.
by mangeman June 08, 2015
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one who is scruffy, usually idolizes merl haggard or waylon jennings, owns at least one of the following:
-Hank Jr T-shirt
-Confederate Railroad T-shirt
-Vince Gill T-shirt
-Oak ridge Boys T-shirt

If all are owned, he is the mangiest of the manges.

The God Father Mange will also have a Can Am 800 that cost more than the 5 cars he has sitting in his yard.
whats up Maaange?
Dang mange, your lookin rough!
that beard is gettin pretty mangey
by Cunnalingus010 December 29, 2011
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1. Mixture between the word Man (as in bro) and a name beginning with Ang/And (i.e. Angie, Andrea, Angel, Angelina, etc...)

2. A chill chick that's friends with madd biddies but still bros it out.
"Ang, you the Mange!"
by Devin_B October 04, 2011
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someone or something that is mangey or gross; also see mangey or manged
remember when that guy puked all over you? that shit was fuckin mange!!!
by mitchell kratzie September 13, 2006
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a name for a female who acts more man-like than she does female. Can be used on other names like manastacia, manna, mangie, emanily....
"ur such a mange, mange"
by mangie! July 30, 2005
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