A vech is a title for a person that can be used in any situation. For example, it can be used to describe someone who is complaining, bitchy, annoying, boring, etc.

It is one of those words that you can label absolutely anyone with. It can be offensive or funny, light hearted or derogatory.

Frank is a vech, he's always trying to get attention

When Justine gets drunk she acts like such a vech
by CSali March 24, 2009
A more subtle way to say bitch. If two people know what the word means and one does not, the two people can rate how bitchy the other person is without the person knowing what they were rating.
Frank: "Scale of one to ten,how much of a vech is Caroline?
Adrienne: "I'd give it an eleven."
Caroline: "What are you guys talking about?"
by Willardo28 March 24, 2009
The place where everyone is on ecstasy or any other kind of dr0gz, everyone loves everyone and no one is judged by no one, the decorations are tropical and lead to a hippy vibe . If you go and say to anyone "Sir, where can I find something?" you are immediately guided to boys dealers you just have to scream Pod and Octi and find whatever you need

Baa, ce facem in vama diseara? boabe coaie de la Molotov
vama veche
by vama veche August 23, 2021
A person who relies on technology or thinks in a technical manner. It comes from the combination of “Very”+ “Technical
That’s such a Vech way of doing it.
by Jack Wayqun April 19, 2019
A person with severe autism, does dumb choices, quite dumb and can be funny at times but he is definitely a person who has mental health problems
by AnonymousImmigrant November 22, 2021
Is an immigrant who is annoying and weird but can also be autistic at times
''You're acting like a vech''
by AnonymousImmigrant November 22, 2021