Shola is an amazing human being. Shola’s can be funny and generally out of this world. Although she may seem quiet at times, she can be really sassy and a hoe at times. Yet is a good wing woman and helps people out with anything.
That girl over there is a right Shola”
by purplejayda December 11, 2018
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Newcastle United striker, commonly referred to as 'Mackem Slayer' due to his frequent slaying of Scumderland. (Sunderland AFC)
Shola Ameobi?

Ah! The Mackem Slayer, aye I know him. Geordie legend.
by Geordie4Life November 24, 2013
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Shola sniff is when you touch a person's dick and make them sniff it. It is most commonly used in all-boys schools.
by T1Faker213 October 30, 2020
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Shola Ameobi Walk is a short dance made famous by the main character on hit TV show Turan's Happy Hour. It involves walking backwards and forwards in the style of Newcastle centre forward Shola Ameobi, hence the name.
Woodhead did the Shola Ameobi Walk, and received an OBE for services to turanography.
by Nick Cartwright October 3, 2007
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The phrase used to describe someone of asian ethnicity.
damn fucking shing shang shola almost hit my car
by VOTRON September 9, 2010
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It is when you grab onto bowels and start making them sniff it. It is most commonly used in Patrician Brothers. ESHAYYY BRAHHH.
by T1Faker213 November 24, 2020
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