When some one is completely pissin' you off and acting like an asshole. At your Job, in your family, friends that don't know when to stop bringin that drama and mind their biz, lets say. We all have those pretentious pain it the skibby loud mouths in our live we have no control of having to deal with every day. Hears a solution. "Vaseline"
Take a 4 oz bottle of vaseline and lube up the door handles of the jerks car i.e. prank wars.

Then when they go to get in the car they will slip up and fall straight on their ass.
Manager: I know you already work your ass off for me, but I'm wanting to go get plastered with this hot chick tonight and I need you to close up, even though it's you birthday today.
Employee: I'll show him;) OK fine I've got it for you.
Manager: Great, Oh and this kid puked all over the floor on Isle 8, I need you to get that for me to K?
Employee: Just Great, alright boss;) Let me get something out of my car first ok?
Manager: Be rick tick your on "My" clock.
E: (Vaselines the door Jams and waits with a camera)
M: (goes to leave and grabs the handle slipping straight on his ass, while you watch)
E: Oh, I'm sorry, did that hurt? Lemmy take a pic for you this is classic. Do you feel what you act like now ass.

M: Your fired, and forget about getting a ref., from me.
E: Awesome, I'll make more money off you tubing this shot then you ever paid me Ass. See Ya. Oh, BTW you need to get on the clock seeing as though I'm fired. This kid puked all over isle 8 and it smells like Yo' mommas under ware;) after you banged her last night. *Peace I'm Outta here*
by MistressOfDisasterElliek May 09, 2010
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adj. smooth, really cool, slick. Outrageously nice.
Based on the consistency of the popular product, Vaseline.
Lori, your presentation today was so vaseline!
Yo, Tammy, tell me the Spice Girls aren't a totally vaseline band.
by K3RM February 27, 2008
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vaseline is a word that was once used in tge chappeles show
and now is a popular word used in almost every sentence in the 'sco
see also
1.- jizz
2.- shaving cream
3.- glop of lotion on cecil's head
O EM BIADS didnt mean to put all that vaseline on your head cecil
by Joseph Guadarrama April 15, 2006
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