A classy girl who, contrary to popular belief, prefers Lilly Pulitzer to Hollister and Abercrombie. Also likes J. Crew, Polo, Vineyard Vines, LL Bean, Brooks Brothers and Vera Bradley. She has more refined tastes than tight tops and jeans from A & F. Impeccably groomed, but with natural looking makeup (i.e. Clinique), well-mannered, and upper middle class to upper class. Hair is straight, clean, and it's natural color with perhaps some highlights in the summer or lowlights in the winter. Does not succumb to trends.
Clara found Maddy's "preppy" look quite amusing. Maddy was clad in tight Abercrombie skinny jeans and an turquoise American Eagle striped polo as opposed to Clara's khaki Brooks Brothers skirt and a pink Vineyard Vines oxford. Maddy would never be a true preppy girl.
by AnonymouslyGrace January 9, 2010
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A girl who is usually characterized by wearing specific brands such as J.Crew, Vinyard Vines, Lilly Pulitzer, Lacoste, Jack Wills, Jack Rogers, and Ralph Lauren. Her clothes are never too tight, or too loose. She has good skin, and is clean and polished. While a preppy girl looks the part, she must act the part aswell. She girl must be classy, respectful of others, and also a good student. The girls that act otherwise, are not a true prep, because they are obviously not classy.
Samantha is a preppy girl because she is classy and respectful, and she wears a pink vineyard vines polo paired with a cute lilly skirt.
by Audrey0 February 7, 2013
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all of the other definitions are wrong. a prep is someone who goes to prep school (andover, exeter, groton, nobles, deerfield, choate, etc) They do not wear trashy clothing like american eagle or abercrombie...they wear polo, j. crew, vineyard vines, sperry topsiders, chinos, oxfords, etc. preppy girls are not overly bitchy because to gossip wouldn't be classy. They maintain a bland facade, and are more often vapid than the cheerleader princess.
Although Ashley provoked her and started yelling, Louisa, like a true"preppy girl", walked away from the scene and mentally noted to not invite her to go sailing on Saturday at her Cape house.
by ivyleagueinsider December 14, 2009
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girl that dress in expensive clothes
a girl that is spoiled by her parents
Mag is spoiled by her parents

she's a such preppy girl
by yuri orlovysky March 20, 2017
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preppy girls ofetn wear classic looking styles. a girl that is often streiotyped as a snob just as blondes of beign stupid, because she doesn't like to look like a slob. she has an amazing fashion sence and is envied by most girls therefore instead of being like they would rather tear down the preppy girl to feel better about their own pitiful fashoin statements.
that preppy girl is the only person i know who is over 10 and under 25 that can wear pearls and look adorable!
by tori April 14, 2005
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A preppy girl is someone that has class and not slutty at all. Some people have a vision that all preps are snobbing bitches who only hang around with other preps..which is not true in all cases. I myself being a "prep" am not at all snobby nor bitchy so people who are saying all preps are snobby and bitchy are very wrong in there views and need to re-evaluate there mind set on preppy people. Just because preps like to shop at places like abercrombie and hollister doesnt mean they only do it because everyone else does. i personaly like there clothing not just to be "cool" but to look nice and feel classy not scuby.
Preppy girls look classy no explanation needed :)
by chelseatougas16 July 30, 2006
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They like to look well put together. May wear jewelry, but not chunky and deffinantly not plastic jewelry. They like to come across classy. They also like all kinds of stores not just Hollister, Abercrombie, and American Eagle but all kinds. Sometimes are quiet, but can be loud. They like to wear skirts and flip flops can be worn all year long not just in the warmer seasons. Pearls are an essential piece of jewelry. Mascara is an essential touch of make up even if they dont have any other make up they have to have mascara.
That preppy girl is always wearing pearls.
by Linzzzz January 21, 2008
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