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emos who dye theyre hair once a week, call any type of music with screaming "screamo", and have bisexual tendencies towards oliver sykes. epicly fail at being different. basically emos with bright colours.
Metalhead: have you heard lamb of gods new cd?
Scene fags: "oh yeah i love screamo".
Metalhead:"its metal.i should through you into a mosh pit. rip those lip rings right off".
Scene fags:"liek ohmygohd metal is gay".
Metalhead:"Go take it up the ass while gauging your earlobes and listening to BMTH ".
by keepskatin'bro April 21, 2011

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someone who trolls youtube comments, usually by saying something controversial or that will piss people off. these can be found at the comments section on a youtube video.(duh). most commonly trolled videos are Metal music videos,obama speeches. ones that trolls metal videos often have a screen name like "justinbeibergirl" or "disneyrox12".people who rely on the anomimity of the internet. people who no one gives a shit about so they piss people off over the computer.
youtube troll on "Death Walking Terror by cannibal corpse

JBr00ls: "no one likes metal you are a loser for liking it"
any given name:"obvious troll. get a life and fuck off".
by keepskatin'bro June 07, 2011

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the kids who ride scooters at the skatepark and get in the way of everyone. they are usually 10 years old.
skater:darn, that Scooterfag just cut me off on my way up the ramp.
skater: goes to beat up scooterfag, but doesnt when he realizes its a 10 year old kid who rides a toy
by keepskatin'bro November 03, 2011

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An MMA type clothing company. before this brand was popular, people who actually train wore these. unfortunatly once UFC got popular the brand got a bad rap because nowadays only fat kids and bros who dont even train wear these shirts.
MMA fighter driving home from gym waits at red light:"wow this guy in front of me is a serious jackass"
Bro in lifted truck with tapout stick on rear windsheild proceedes to blow smoke from muffler onto the fighter's toyota corolla. MMA fighter folows truck home and then beats the crap out of driver. MMA fighter thinks to himself, "what has happened to tapout fans".
by keepskatin'bro August 17, 2011

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a term which refers to punky emo bands in the 90s. however dip shit teenagers will call metal, or any other music(even crunk-rap) with guttural vocals "screamo". basically like people calling earlobe stretching "gauging",people repeate phrases like these because its what they heard, from more dipshit teenagers.
metalhead 1:cannibal corpse fucking rules!
scene fag:oh meh gawd u liek screemo too?!
metalhead 1: this isnt screamo. these guys have actual knowledge of musical theory.do you even know how to play a minor scale fag? metal pwns the shit out of punk.
scene fag:liek its not punk!!!
(metalhead 1 kills scene fag)
by keepskatin'bro May 15, 2011

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the most severe form of mental torture ever concieved by a psycopath's mind. outdated slow internet connection. may cause pulling out your hair and punching walls.
it takes hours to load a youtube video.

Kid:"mom why do we have Dial up internet ? we dont live in the fucking 90s anymore".
mom:"we live in the countryand its cheap."
by keepskatin'bro June 04, 2011

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Hank hills way of saying retard or dumbass.
"Those environmentalists are jibbletheads"-Hank hill
by keepskatin'bro July 19, 2011

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