Damage to a place without people knowing
There was vandalism at my school this weekend
by Vandalsism December 1, 2016
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Vandalism is a philosophical approach that supports the constant questioning and criticism of all ideas in search of concepts that can be adopted for future use when questioning and criticising ideas. Vandalism is focused on any and all ideas that can be adapted for use within philosophy. The analogy is that of raiders such as the ancient Vandals who sacked Rome and plundered its treasures.

Vandalism entails a lack of respect for any philosophical tradition or system. No sacred cows are left unslaughtered. It could be seen as an equivalent to absurdism that mocks our pretence at knowledge, instead finding enjoyment in stripping away the temples of Rome.

Vandalism has no specific form or fixed arguments and in and of itself says nothing about epistemology or ethics or other areas of philosophy. It makes no claims about how people should think or what ideas people should adopt. Instead it is more of a metaphilosophical concept.

In a sense it is a form of pragmatism as it looks for useful ideas. In a sense it is skepticism as it questions knowledge. In a sense it is relativism as it is open to considering many perspectives. In a sense it is eclecticism or syncretism as it combines many different approaches. Skepticism and relativism may be the most easily adapted to the vandalist doctrine of questioning and criticism, but it is not necessary to adopt them or any other concept as part of vandalism, and in fact they can be subject to the same process of criticism themselves.
I am a huge proponent of vandalism. May VX always vandalize!
by I'm Not A Moron April 17, 2015
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Literally the the thing everyone does at least once in their bloodie life.
I do a lot of vandalism... Especially on your mums FAT car.
by Stak licker 69 November 20, 2018
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To damage or destroy someone else property.
Verona spray printed Daniel's house without asking for permission, Daniel had said to her she had vandalize his property. Now he has to pay lots of money to fix the damage.
by Mary-Potter December 5, 2017
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A combination of vandalized and violated
He hit me and my car with his baseball bat, I feel vandalated.
by Sydelgado November 30, 2016
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awsome underground band who will never sell out to mtv. or i will cry.
coolkid1-do you like the vandals?
coolkid2-hell yeah!
mainstreamkid-who are they? are they on mtv?
coolkids-no. roll over and die, mainstream kid.
by frogirl April 13, 2005
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Vandalism is any bad-faith editing of a wiki on purpose.
He regularly commited vandalism on Wikipedia; he replaced articles with "F*** F*** F*** F***".
by Absol00tZer0 December 27, 2006
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