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Toronto ON's very own NHL franchise. Often hated by other NHL team fans.
MY Canucks can kick the Maple Leafs ass in the playoffs anytime like we did in '94!!!!
by mrconfusion87 December 30, 2003
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The Best Reality TV Show there is. It beat Survivor in the Emmys countless times.
The Amazing Race is probably the only reason why I watch TV nowadays.
by mrconfusion87 July 06, 2004
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Hermoine is the very intelligent and very hot girl that grazes the Harry Potter Movies. Emma Watson is the actress that plays it and out of the teenagers that are in the movies, she'll stay in showbiz the longest.
Emma Watson kicked ass as Hermoine Granger. I hope to see her more after the Hogwarts movies.
by mrconfusion87 June 30, 2004
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Most hillarious cartoons ever. A cartoon for (mostly) metal fans where they can live out maximum stupidity. A few episodes can give you more laughs than an entire season of whatever...
I watched only like 3 episodes of Beavis and Butthead but I laughed at it more than an entire season of South Park.
by mrconfusion87 June 23, 2004
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Know what your chem class taught you about metals: they are malleable, meaning it can be shaped in any way. And metal music is the same as the former and that's were "metal" got its name.
Metal music is the best! You can make it in any way as you please.
by mrconfusion87 June 03, 2004
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