Small Male Sex Organ,

people who are referred to as pne, are usually people with penises so small they are almost vaginas

doctor: I need to check for testicular cancer.
person: unlikely i'm PNE
by TWTubs February 18, 2010
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1) PNES. pronounced "penis" Term used to start a funny joke about Nintendo's old NES system.
2) Known as a Portable Nintendo Entertainment System
3) Penis.
dude: Wish they would make a portable nintendo...
Anon: They have. It's called a PNES.
dude: O_o
Anon: yes, i said penis.
by We are ALL anonymous December 22, 2008
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symptoms include: feeling of still being on a ride, the smell of mini donuts, and the urge to ride more rides.
When Jerry got home he had a PNE Hangover.
by Dana G October 13, 2009
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PNE was developed in the early 2000s, when Australian pain scientist Lorimer Moseley began delivering hourslong lectures on pain neuroscience to patients with lower back pain.
by LindaMD February 14, 2021
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