Vampires are re-animated corpses of people who have transformed into blood lusting creatures of the night. Though many theories and legends surround the story of the beginning vampirism, each culture has tailored to suit each societies location on the globe (very similar and antonymous to the theory of god/s in centered religions in different places). Some say that vampires are demons straight from the breast of the devil himself, sent to wreck havoc on earth, others believe that they are the awakened cadavers of those who died unbaptized. Chiefly they are not supposed to be physically able to venture into the light, lest it burn them to re-death. Their weaknesses are said to be garlic, the sun, holy or blessed things such as crusifixes and holy water, poppy seeds (though this myth died due to the easiness of destroying a vampire by spilling seeds onto the ground behind you, for he would have to obsessively count them until the sun came up), wooden stakes through the heart, decapitation, or being charred to ash with a flame.
Many vampire novels falsely depict vampires as recollective of their humanity, in becoming a vampire, one is set on a path to becoming a monster, once transformed, they permanently loose their soul and are bound to traverse the earth until they are killed a second time and cast into hell. They are renoun for either being breathtakingly beautiful, or horrifically disfigured. Either way they sat on the top of the food chain, practically impossible for animals to kill, and much stronger, faster, and clever than a mortal human.
The Cullen family in Stephenie Meyer's book Twilight was far from any of the original myths about vampires, nearly breaking every characteristic of the creatures. All of them had consciences and thought of others before their own needs, depicting souls which are non-existent once one is a vampire.

Lestat DeLioncourt on the other hand was a very convincing predator in the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. He was cunning, quick, indulgent to himself, selfish, beautiful, and cultured (as would an over-one hundred year old being be).
by Mushroom Hat May 7, 2007
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1. A vampire that is a pirate by profession. esp. one who strikes poses while being threatened with a scythe.

2. A top notch street ball team
1.I don't often travel to the coast of Transylvania for fear of vampirate attacks.
2. Those Vampirates are lighting it up tonight.
by Monday Night Mortimer May 24, 2003
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A Vampirate is a thing which is Pirate AND Vampire

It is also a fictional creature from the series Vampirates.
A man or woman who has died (or crossed as they say it) is brought back to life (or sired) by another vampire becomes one.
They are Vampirates when they join the vampirate ship which is led by the vampirate captain.
"and his eyes never meet the light"
"Our ways are strange here, you'll have to get used to them"
"I'm so hungry, It's feast night tonight"
"Your blood tastes nice by the way"
"She's been rescued by the vampirate ship!"
by Ruqayyah March 15, 2008
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1. In literature, media, and folklore, a "traditional" vampire is a demon who consumes blood of humans or animals for nourishment. Sometimes a human who has been bit by a vampire will transform into a vampire themselves. Vampires have a fear of anything holy, garlic, and the sun. Vampires have a child-like mentality, as they are unable to enter places or do certain things without permission, as was first addressed in Bram Stoker's "Dracula." Most commonly killed by a stake through the heart.

2. Any species of bat that consumes blood. Three types of vampire bats are the Common Vampire Bat (Desmodus rotundus), the Hairy Legged VB (Diphylla ecaudata), and the White-Winged VB (Diaemus youngi). They rarely attack humans and mostly consume blood from livestock or birds.

3. Any member of the goth subculture who thinks that listening to Norwegian death metal, dressing in long black clothing, and being a fan of vampire movies and/or blood will make them a full-fledged vampire. Refuse to believe that vampires are just the work of folklore. Can usually be seen outside Hot Topic, alone, as nobody will be their friend because they "don't want to associate with the living."
1. Bram Stoker's "Dracula" is considered the premiere text of vampire folklore.

2. Vampire bats are common in tropical climates, barns, and zoos.

3. This was an actual example from someone I met at the mall who was claiming to be a vampire. They became my "source," so to speak.
by Matt..... October 10, 2007
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someone who stays up late at night like 1am.
-That kid is a vampire stayin up all night playing WOW (World of Warcraft).

-That clerk is a vampire working night shift and sleeping throughout day time.
by vampirekid September 3, 2009
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A friend of mine told me about the Origins of how vampires came from. It started off as that vampires were people with rabies, you know people bit by animals that have rabies. These people with rabies foam their mouth, act animal-like into terms of bite other animals or humans in the neck, sucking blood from two holes created by their fangs. Like to live in darkness because they either developed a pupil or retina capable of nocturnal vision or just like darkness.

They are afraid of light, obviously because it can nearly blind their vision to see, they like to see in darkness or their eyes are not adjust to the sensitivity of light. Some examples are shining metals or objects, mirrors, and sources of light(like the sun). They are afraid of water because they either want to stay dry, hypothermia, or hygiene issues.

Now I don't know how people with rabies can grow fangs that can be of 2 inches or more...The religious things tide into destroying vampires...well, I don't know how that got started but light can kill vampires, I think.

Vampires may originate from people contacted with rabies, not sure if that's the case, but you may prove my information is nonsense or dislike opinion.

The transformation of the bat, I don't know how that came from. Not all vampires are evil.
Vampires from twilight saga are not real vampires.

First of all, vampires don't really have red eyes(you can prove it to me scientifically), they are supposed to morph into bats and become quick killers. Any sources of light seem to not affect them or kill them, they seemed impervious to light. Lastly, I don't know if vampires have powers or not maybe they do.

Vampires are respected and feared, but twilight saga has made them an insult to their kind.
by Fruityogos September 10, 2010
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A being with need of blood for sustenance and an affliction to the sun.

There are several different kinds of vampires.

Morroi is the most rare. It is when a pregnant woman gets bit and her child lives. Said child is moroii and is self-feeding.

Stragoii would be the example of the mother who was bitten.

Lamia is a long reaching family of vampires where each generation is, in fact vampiric.

Stragoii and Lamia are both stronger than made vampires and moroii. They often have superstrength and some sort of mind connect to other beings.

According to several sources, being made vampire takes up three days and is often extremely painful. The process sometimes only requires being bit once. Other times it the victim must be exchange blood with blood mate once everyday for the period of three days.

The victim often becomes disoriented and slightly maddened during the process.

Vampires are able to lure their prey quite easliy through talents and sometimes a special body secretion that is irresistable to all other living beings.They're prey comes practically willing.

Most vampires live in covens or families.
The Vampires disappeared under the veil of night as quickly as they had appeared.
by Ms. K.G.H August 27, 2008
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