To be extremely intoxicated, especialy from alcohol.
Last night dog, I had some of that hen mixed with hypnotic, I was in a coffin!!
by APOLLOSTEES May 20, 2005
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"It's a coffin"

"There's a name engraved on it"


"It's empty"

by YourAvgGuy September 13, 2023
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Like a casket but having 6 sides instead of 4. Where we all end up one day. AKA a pine box.
a coffin is the worst place for people who are claustrophobic.
by trey2002 April 29, 2005
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The act or process of being put into a coffin.
Often used in gaming in place of "RIP" or "ripe"

Commonly used when someone dies or something tragic happens.
Man 1: "Squaddd, put em' in a coffin"
Man 2:"Shit man! He was just coffinized!"
by encrypted February 14, 2015
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0.25, 0.5, or 1mg xanax pills, which are shaped like oval "coffins" instead of "bars".
I just popped a couples coffins and I'm about ready to pass out.
by Ho0 July 23, 2006
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The act of jumping on the hood of a vehicle causing damage to the vehicle. The person starts out either on the roof or on the street jumps up onto the hood of the vehicle holding his arms in the 19th century coffin pose. Sometimes people will encourage others to do so by yelling " coffin it ".
A person got thrown out of a party on Halloween and decided to coffin on the homeowners car and was shot and killed by the police in Springfield Massachusetts. This was coffining gone wrong.
by LordViper November 3, 2015
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Similar to a keg stand, 'the coffin' is performed by falling back into supporting arms while someone lifts your legs in the air. A third individual dispenses beer through the tap into person performing the act's mouth, arms must be crossed in corpse like manner to be considered the coffin.
Did you see the coffin Jonny did at the party yesterday, he was so drunk the beer must have gone straight to his brain!
by universaldonkey October 27, 2007
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