Transylvania forms the western and central parts of Romania. Comes from latin "trans" meaning across and "silva" meaning forest. So it literally translates to "the land across the forest".
Transylvania usually is accosiated with vampires, which is up to you to decide is true or not.
A galaxy that contains the planet Transexual (obviously spelt differently from transsexual), which apparently Tim Curry hails from.
I'm just a sweet transvestite from transexual transylvania.
by SalixRegina February 2, 2006
A historically Hungarian territory filled with Hungarian people and Hungarian traditions that has deep political and economic ties to nation of Hungary. In 1920 it was forcefully given to stupid Romania by globalist elites after the signing of the goddamn Treaty of Trianon because the fucking gypsie pig dogs in >romania were jealous of the superior Magyar Cock and wanted the ethnic Hungarians in the territory to fuck their wives while they jack off in the closet.
Transylvania is ethnically Hungarian.
by Himer0s December 3, 2018
A song by Tyler, The Creator with a beat by Left Brain. This was on the album Goblin which was released in 2011 and Tyler's first studio album.
Man Transylvania is a pretty good song. WOLFGANG.
by I am John the real one November 16, 2020
A small private university in lexington kentucky which only admits the best and brightest of the state. Though at times people don't think it's real or that it is located in Romania, it is a real college. Despite many jokes, the students don't sleep in coffins in the dorms and they don't drink blood from the cafeteria. They do however, drink lots of alcohol because it is the top greek school in the nation. The best sorority at Transylvania is Phi Mu. The students also are not transvestites like the one featured in the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Bobby: Dude! I'm going to school at Transylvania!
Justin: Why are you going to Romania?
by phimufrat1248 March 31, 2011